Sunday, July 8, 2012

Building Relationships in Indianapolis

We Have reached the mid point of our meeting time in IndianapoliS. I serve on the Communication & Information Technology Committee. This is a real learning curve for me and enjoyable at the same time. There is hope, that after no funding in its many years of being,that this committee to receive funding to make critical improvements to the communication infrastructure so that anyone can get in touch with all who work in the Episcpal church and they with us. It was interesting that there was a significant resolution for us to work on - D019. In short, it called for the formation of a new office, staff and improved ways to get Internet sharing and communication flowing. It also had a hefty demand for we had hearings on this resolution it was suggested that the proposer and the head of communications talk about this issue before we voted. When we reconvened, there was a new relationship formed and understanding that all that was being proposed could be done. There was now need to re-invent the process. It reported on the floor of convention that all that was needed was to get people to talk with one another and to build relationships. Relationship building is critical for us all. It can be a very simple process that leads to a deep and lasting relationship that allows for growth and understanding. It is not very hard to do. It was achieved here!

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